My name is Sibusiso Kotelo and I have a story to tell.

This has been a long relentless and spiritually fulfilling journey, spawned in my being, birthed in my soul in my very first training foundation however long ago. I will show them all what I have inside of me. My name is Sibusiso Kotelo, and I have a story to tell.

Gym. This is my safe haven. My refuge. My escape. My comforter. My therapy. The biggest reason I had to go on. I found myself inside that gym. I discovered who and what I was and most importantly I discovered what and who I wanted to be in that gym. I’ve never looked back since.For that I am truly grateful. From that moment onward, gym and its inherent underlying meaning changed for me. It resonated differently for me. This gym….It’s become who I am. Gym became about Bodybuilding.

Interestingly enough, Bodybuilding is not about muscles and veins. Its about breaking plateaus, adversity and obstacles. It’s about beating your best over and over again. It’s about discipline and single minded sacrifice, but mostly it’s about a reward that can only truly be felt when it is earned. Bodybuilder’s get me.

I showcase the personification of weeks, months, and years of hard work, all for a few short seconds. I have been under pretty testing and precarious circumstances lately. I have fought, and clawed with my fingernails to get here today and I will let them know. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with industry giants. However, I am better. I stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best. I am better. They may have better genes. I am better. They may have better supplements. I am better. They may have more sponsors, more money, or greater odds. I AM BETTER. I am not better by virtue of bottom dollar, sponsor annuity nor my genetic disposition. I am better by the efforts invested, discipline portrayed and the sheer unequivocal feeling residing deep in my heart, deep in my center and deep in self. I will show them, and I will let them know.

 I WILL get to my goal. I will achieve my dreams. I will do whatever it takes to get to where I’m headed because my name is Sibusiso Kotelo, and I have a story to tell.